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Posted on Jul 18, 2014

Wine Cellar Design

wine cellar design

Wine enthusiasts will tell you they love wine for all different reasons; it’s not just for the taste or the pleasure of the drink. Some collectors love to commemorate a specific year, an era, an important event or simply a moment in time. Others save wine for the artistry of the labels or the bottles and containers themselves. Connoisseurs take advantage of wine’s improvement with age, and prefer to use it as an investment. Whatever the reason or the wine, most wines, both premium and emerging, benefit from proper storage and expert wine cellar design.

Wine cellars can be built small or large, in your home, restaurant, hotel or retail establishment. For wine to be at its optimum level of taste and performance, however, a wine cellar design, for home or commercial use, should take several key factors into consideration. Wine should be kept cool, not cold, and at a constant temperature. The ideal temperature range is between 45o and 65o Fahrenheit, with 55o often cited as close to perfection. Your wine cellar design should also keep all wine away from light, especially direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Another important element of wine keeping is to store the bottles in specially designed racks, horizontally on their sides. This keeps the liquid against the cork, keeping the cork from drying out and allowing air in and/or spoilage. Call (480) 922-WINE (9463) today for details and pricing on the custom wine cellars available at Wine Cellar Experts in Scottsdale.