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Posted on May 28, 2014

Wine Cellar Design Ideas

wine cellar design ideas

Any wine enthusiast knows that a home wine cellar is the perfect addition to a home. Deciding on the right wine cellar design can be difficult, however. Wine cellars can be built in all styles and sizes, and the help of a professional wine cellar builder can go a long way to ensuring your are getting the most out of your space. Below are just a few of the options that are available to you if you are considering adding a wine cellar to your home

Small Spaces

One problem many homeowners have with the prospect of building a wine cellar in their home is space. However, it does not require much space to install a custom wine cellar. There are very interesting design ideas that only require the conversion of a closet or a cupboard. A small, easily accessible wine cellar like this is ideal for many people. Having a wine cellar hidden in a closet is a welcome surprise at any party. If you'd prefer to show off your collection, adding a glass door makes it easy to display your wines for all to see.


When it comes to wine cellar design, the traditional route is to go with a large, underground wine cellar. Converting a basement is always an attractive idea. This type of cellar will allow you to easily keep your wine cool and dry, while also allowing for the ability to show off your collection in a grand way. These underground cellars also allow the possibility of adding chandeliers, tasting rooms and other exciting design elements to your space. A large room affords you the ability for specialty components that display your most prized bottles.

Kitchen Space

Another idea for an at-home wine cellar is to have your wine displayed in a special area in your kitchen, making it easily accessible while cooking, dining, or entertaining. With your wine lovingly displayed in a glass-front cabinet or a specially built enclave, you will impress anyone who enters your home. Displaying your impressive collection for all to see will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

There are many different ways to add a beautiful and functional wine cellar to your home. With so many wine cellar design ideas available to you, the only thing you need to decide is when you want to have one installed in your home. Call (480) 922-WINE (9463) today to learn more about the wine cellar designs available when you work with Wine Cellar Experts in Scottsdale, Arizona.