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Posted on Jan 20, 2015

Armoires as Wine Storage Cabinets

wine storage cabinets

The options and styles of wine storage cabinets available are endless. Wine storage furniture vendors offer pre-made pieces in many shapes and sizes. Wine storage cabinets can also be custom designed and built to suit the size of a personal wine collection and style or décor of a home or wine cellar.

Determine Budget, Space Requirements and Style

A professional wine cellar architect can work with you to determine budget and space requirements, as well as style preferences to create a wine cellar with that best allows your individual wine collection to reach its optimal level of performance.

Keep Wine Accessories Together

Armoires, originally utilized as wardrobes to store clothing or linens, are now a staple in many classically designed wine cellars. Making great use of ceiling height, a wine armoire can be used to house many bottles of wine and bottles of liquor.

With wine racks, shelves, inside door shelving and drawers, armoires can become the keeper of stemware, highball glasses, corkscrews, cocktail shakers and other bar essentials. A benefit to these types of cabinets is that their doors can be left open when in use to reveal a simulated bar and closed up with beautifully finished doors and drawers to conceal all that’s inside when not being used.