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Posted on May 20, 2015

A Brief Overview of Wine Cellar Design

wine cellar design

A wine cellar can benefit its owner and their collection in many ways. Restaurateurs or private collectors may use their custom cellar for several applications. Before you commit to a wine cellar design, you want to think about how you will use it and have it constructed.

How a Wine Cellar Can Enhance Your Home or Business

Building a custom wine cellar enhances a connoisseur’s experience in several ways. A cellar protects your collection from deterioration caused by heat, light and vibration. Its cool environment allows your wines to age properly, maximizing your investment, while its high humidity keeps your corks supple and tight. Cellar owners enjoy the experience of cultivating their personal wine collection and have the perfect stage to showcase their finds.

Excellent Uses for Your New Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is valuable for a range of storage options. Of course, you will use your new cellar to store wine and champagne, but you may also want to venture into fortified and dessert wines. Additionally, businesses and private collectors benefit from the capability to store wines by the case. An experienced craftsmen can fabricate custom cabinetry to suit your specific needs. A wine cellar’s climate-controlled environment is ideal to store rare books, but collectors should limit its secondary use. Certain items, especially foods, can seep through the corks and infuse with the wine.

Building Your Wine Cellar

Wine cellar construction is a multifaceted project. Before you have your cellar built, you need a contractor to install the preliminary components of your electrical and HVAC connections. If you must locate your cellar above ground, you need to have a vapor barrier installed to control your cellar’s humidity level. Arid areas, such as the city of Scottsdale in Arizona, make an additional layer of protection mandatory under all conditions. Also, a consultation with one of a wine cellar expert will inform you if you need to install additional insulation. Contact an expert to discuss these considerations and others that apply to your unique wine cellar design needs.

A wine cellar is the ultimate storage solution. An experienced consultants can walk you through the most suitable decor and lighting for your application. They can consult on wine cellar projects anywhere in the United States. Introspection into your desired wine cellar design and how to meet those goals will yield amazing results.