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Posted on Feb 20, 2015

Custom Wine Cellar Maintenance


Like any other organic food product, wine is perishable and requires protection from sunlight, heat and temperature fluctuations. Wine cellars ensure that wine is protected from harm.

If you want your wine to mature and improve in flavor, quality and aroma, it is your responsibility to properly maintain your wine cellar. If you are using traditional air condition systems for preservation of your wines, it is time you upgrade to a technologically apt cellar cooling system. Traditional wine cooling cellars vary in functionality from new, technological wine cellars. They are known to remove humidity to the point of under acceptable levels, leading to dried wine corks and oxidized bottle content. A custom wine cellar achieves optimal results, cooling down your wine while maintaining humidity at recommended levels, guaranteeing you premium-grade wine.

Ways of Maintaining Your Wine Cellar

Custom wine cellars are low maintenance appliances but that does not mean that there are no reasons and ways for maintenance. Much like the collection of wines they house, your home wine cellar requires proper maintenance. This increases its efficacy and longevity and ability to give you the very best of service, now that sounds good, right?

Below is an exploratory of some of the simple ways of wine cellar maintenance.

  1. Proper Installation
    The most certain way to ensure that your home wine cellar serves its purpose is to make sure it is properly installed. It is understandable if you begin to question yourself about the installation of your wine cellar. You may need to contact an expert to review your wine cellar installation if you are not confident. With proper installation, you can be sure that your home wine cellar will work properly for your wines' preservation.
  2. No Overloading
    Despite the fact that you might be having quite a number of wine bottles that you want to concurrently store, make sure not to overload your wine cellar in any way. Wine cellar maintenance dictates that you stock your wine cellar to capacities that will allow for optimal functioning. If you exceed these capacities, you run the risks of spoiling some of your wine and overworking the wine cellar.
  3. Keep Cellar Clean
    Like any other appliance that comes in contact with foods or beverages, your wine cellar needs to be occasionally cleaned. Cleaning your wine cellar occasionally ensures that you detect any frost or buildup that could not be readily seen. By cleaning this up, you ensure that the functionality of your wine cellar is not hindered at any cost.
  4. Location
    The installation location of your wine cellar will go a long way in determining how well it will perform for you. Wine cellar performance highly depends on the ventilation. If your unit is well ventilated, you can install the wine cellar at the best chosen location. If your unit has a poor ventilation system, you will have to consider not installing your appliances in any confined space. This will ensure perfect functionality.

Having grasped the above wine cellar maintenance tips, it is time you put them into practice. If not confident about your wine cellar, do not hesitate to contact Wine Cellar Experts, who have invested years of experience into this just to ensure that you enjoy your wine with the least amount of disruption.