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Posted on Nov 15, 2014

Custom Wine Rooms

custom wine room

It’s become all the rage to incorporate custom wine rooms into the fabric of homes all across the country. When most people think of wine rooms or wine cellars, they usually conjure up images of a dark and dreary sectioned-off portion of a home’s basement. But the term “wine cellar” doesn’t necessarily have to mean the wine is actually being stored below the first floor of the house anymore. Today, wine rooms are being designed and built in all kinds of imaginative places, in addition to the downstairs basement.

The living room/den, walk-in-pantry, converted closet, library, converted office, or even a carved-out section under a stairwell can easily be transformed into the perfect wine storage space. Having a custom-designed dedicated area for wine to achieve its optimum level of taste and performance is important to so many wine lovers. Lately, the wine cellar trend has also evolved to include other added features and amenities. It has become popular in the design plans of personal wine rooms to include, for example, wine-tasting lounge areas with counters & barstools, built-in bars, custom liquor cabinets and even custom designed cedar humidors for preserving and aging cigars.

You can have all of this and more when you have a wine room built specifically for you. Call Wine Cellar Experts at (480) 922-WINE (9463) today for more information about ideas for custom wine rooms.