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Posted on Aug 28, 2015

Do You Need Separate Coolers for Red and White Wine?

Remember when Goldilocks tried sleeping in everyone’s bed until she found the one that was ‘just right’? Well the same principles apply to wine. If your wine storage temperature is too hot or too cold your wine probably won’t taste very good. With the right wine coolers, however, you can be sure that your wine will taste great every time you open a bottle.

Too Tart?

Wine connoisseurs say that the ideal wine storage temperature for most wines is around 55 degrees. Remember storing and drinking are two different things. White wine always tastes best when it’s ten degrees colder than that, and the same goes for sparkling wines. A crisp white wine is refreshing, but an icebox cold white will be too cold. Plus, the excessive cooling can reduce the aromas in your wine and make the wine taste sour.

Too Smelly?

Red wines, depending on your location, can be stored at room temperature as long as your room is between 60 and 68 degrees. Don’t forget that wine is perishable and if the weather is dry in your area then the cork might crack, allowing air into the bottle, spoiling the wine. If the humidity is over 75% where you live, then there’s the possibility of getting moldy labels and brittle corks.

It’s Perfect!

There are various reasons you will want to be sure you are storing your wine at the proper wine storage temperature. In order to achieve optimal flavor and the best experience possible, it is best to invest in a professional grade wine cooler. The superior insulation and near zero air permeability will reduce moisture and temperature fluctuations, protecting the flavor of your wine investments. With varying options and dual zones, it is easy to find the perfect wine cooler for your home. Then, all that's left to do is to sit down and enjoy that perfect glass of wine, with or without Goldilocks, telling you it’s ‘just right’.