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Posted on Jul 9, 2015

Things to Consider Before Building a Home Wine Cellar

home wine cellar

The collection of wine, from everyday varietals to rare and unique labels, is an increasingly popular hobby and investment. In order to the preserve the integrity of the wine and its value, it's extremely important to have an adequate storage facility for your collection.

If you are looking to add a custom wine cellar or storage solution to your home, there are a variety of factors to consider before you begin your project.


First, consider the primary function of your home wine cellar. Is this for storage or for entertaining? This well help you determine the amount of area required. After you determine places that are feasible for construction, evaluate whether this will be above ground or below ground storage. Either choice will bring differences with how you need to build out the space. Basements are the most common location for a custom home wine cellar, but it is possible to have above ground storage in places such as converted cabinets or coolers. Wherever your home wine cellar is going to be built, it has to be in a cool, dark area with minimal vibration or disruption.


After deciding on the size and location of your home wine cellar, there are as many design varieties to consider as there are types of wine! Lighting, flooring, counter tops, and wall coverings can all be customized to fit the look and feel of your cellar. Indoor wall fountains can be a stylish choice to help with adding moisture.

But what will truly elevate your cellar design is how you store your wine. Do you need to store cases, or lots of individual bottles of wine? This will impact the racking configuration of the cellar. You have a mix of options, such as racks, display, or bulk storage that add interest to the overall design. If custom shelving is too expensive, try ready-made racks.


To maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity levels, wine cellar walls typically require a thicker insulation, water-resistant dry wall, and other special building materials (especially if your basement is concrete). There are also a variety of racking materials to choose from. While stone and metal are viable options, wood is the most popular material used for racking.

Building a custom wine cellar can be an exciting addition to any home. Stylish and practical, it is a must have for any growing collection!