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Posted on Oct 20, 2015

How Much Does Building A Wine Cellar Cost?

How much does building a wine cellar cost? To understand that you'll need to contemplate the environment, temperatures and the wine itself.

Just because there is a lot to consider, however, doesn’t mean that a wine-lover on a budget can’t build that special wine cellar. Wine Cellar Experts can help you design and create the wine storage solution that works best for you! No matter what your budget is, building a wine cellar is sure to enrich your own interest and enjoyment in wine.


How much room do you have available for building a wine cellar? How large or small does your wine cellar need to be to hold your own wine collection? Figuring up how much room you want your wine cellar to take up is the first step towards building a wine cellar in your home.

Once you have the dimensions of your cellar, you'll want to make sure that the spot you choose for it is away from windows. Doing this will help your wine cellar avoid undesirable temperature variations.


Depending on which materials you use and the design of your cellar, building a wine cellar will be more or less expensive. Whatever design you choose, however, you should be sure to use only the highest quality materials. For example, in the event that you want glass doors or windows for your cellar, you should be sure to invest in double-paned, thermal glass.