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Posted on Jan 21, 2016


It has been said, PASSION + SKILL = MASTERPIECE. That statement is absolutely true when it comes to Wine Cellar Experts, its owner and master craftsman, Richard Benson.

There are some things in the modern world that will always require the skill of true craftsmanship. Your wine cellar should require exactly that. Devotion and excellence are what you can expect from Wine Cellar Experts. We provide the finest craftsmanship and quality in North America.

Richard Benson – Founder of WCE is extremely passionate about the art of wine. Not only has Benson owned and operated a winery and specialty wine store in Washington State, he also has crafted a multitude of world class-wine cellars nationally. His interests in food, wine, design and wood working prove to be a harmonious benefit for Wine Cellar Expert’s clientele.

Passion seems to drive all great adventures in life, all of which expand your memories for years to come. Your love of wine, no doubt reflects the same. We are excited to assist you in creating a true masterpiece-elevating how wine cellars can be created.