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Posted on Oct 7, 2014

Modern Wine Cellar Design Characteristics

modern wine cellar design

As wine cellars are created to be a home for your wine, custom, modern wine cellar design has become as individual as designing and decorating the living areas of your home. In fact, in many contemporary homes, the modern design is actually incorporated into the living area space itself. Many still opt for building their wine cellar down below, in the actual cellar or basement of the house. Many wine lovers, however, are now choosing to integrate wine rooms and wine storage into their kitchens, dining rooms, living/ and family rooms, dens and libraries.

The details in wine cellars are what bring the space to life. In vogue are glass enclosures that openly and artistically exhibit the wine collection. Sliding glass doors and floating shelves add illusion and airiness to any wine room, while a combination of glass with stainless steel countertops and hidden built-in shelf lighting offers a very clean, sleek, contemporary feel.

Old-world charm never goes out of style. Wine enthusiasts still desire their wine rooms to return to the origins of the priceless vintages they collect, which constructed the Italian arches, columns and iron gates of Tuscany and Campania, including statues or custom-painted French murals of Bordeaux and Burgundy. Or maybe they want to add a touch of Napa, California, with brick-faced walls and wine barrels as seating. Call Wine Cellar Experts at (480) 922-WINE (9463) today for more information about modern wine cellar design.