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Posted on May 21, 2014

Phoenix Wine Storage Solutions

Phoenix wine storage

A wine cellar is an ideal place to store wine. It can be very convenient and practical, but most importantly, it will provide an optimal environment for the wine to age. A wine cellar controls the temperature, light and racking of your wine, ensuring the perfect conditions in which to store it. When it comes to the very best Phoenix wine storage, the contractors at Wine Cellar Experts can design the perfect cellar for your needs.

Control the Temperature

Many connoisseurs consider 55 degrees the perfect temperature for wine storage. Small fluctuations from this temperature are not problematic, but you want to avoid large swings. The Phoenix wine storage professionals at Wine Cellar Experts design cellars with optimal temperature control in mind.

Lights Out

Light, sunlight in particular, can diminish the taste of wine and prematurely age it; that is why a lot of wine comes in dark bottles. A wine cellar can prevent any sunlight from diminishing the quality of your wine collection. In addition, installing lighting fixtures that use incandescent bulbs, rather than fluorescent ones, in a wine cellar can protect wine from any UV rays fluorescent bulbs emit.

Go Sideways

Horizontal racking is a very space efficient way to store bottles of wine, and laying them sideways will never damage the wine. As an added bonus, bottles stored horizontally may be easier to survey than ones standing vertically in a wine cooler. Storing wine horizontally also helps keep the corks moist so they do not crack. However, if you are going to be drinking it in the not too distant future, or if it has a glass, plastic or screw cap it is okay to stand it upright. Wine Cellar Experts can design wine racks that are space-saving and versatile, so you can store your wine in a manner that is best suited to your needs.

By building a wine cellar with these three tips in mind, the Phoenix wine storage pros at Wine Cellar Experts can create a beautiful and functional cellar for your home. Call (480) 922-WINE (9463) today for details and pricing on the custom wine cellars available at Wine Cellar Experts in Scottsdale.