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Posted on Apr 14, 2015

Preparing Plans for a Walk-in Wine Cellar

walk-in wine cellar

Little wine wall racks are nice, but wouldn't you love to have your very own walk-in wine cellar? Wine collecting isn't just a hobby, it's an investment. To store and mature one's own wine is one of life's simple pleasures. It's the little thing you have to enjoy, and enjoying it from the comfort of your home or increasing wine sales and displaying your product at your business makes it that much better. First, you need to know what goes into owning one.

  • Where Is It Going to Be Located - Location is the first step in building your custom wine cellar. A basement is the prime location for a walk-in wine cellar. If you don't have the benefit of having a basement, a nook in your home or business will work as well. You must take into consideration that it must be out of direct sunlight, or the wine will age more quickly. A perfect place for your home cellar would be the wasted space under the stairs.
  • Building a Custom Work of Art - The Sistine Chapel wasn't painted in a day. A lot of prep work went into it just like your cellar will. Build it right and reap its rewards. Building a frame and insulation is just the beginning. Before you can insulate it, though, you must first staple up 6 mil plastic and a vapor barrier. This helps controlling the humidity in the room. You will also need to install a wine cooling system to keep the cellar at a cool 55 degrees and 65% humidity. Lower humidity will cause your cork to dry out, and higher humidity will cause mold to grow in your cork. Precise quality control will preserve your investment.
  • Options Galore - Now that you're walk-in wine cellar is complete, how should you finish it? Wine cellars that are glass enclosed are one option here. Adding storage lockers for those rare wine's you want to keep protected is another option.

A great deal of work goes into building a custom walk-in wine cellar. Let the Wine Cellar Experts located in Scottsdale, Arizona, work with you in making your dreams a reality. Contact them at 844-922-9463 and begin your investment today.