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Posted on Dec 9, 2014

Scottsdale Custom Wine Cellars

Scottsdale custom wine cellars

Scottsdale custom wine cellars are a stylish and also functional addition to any home. With a little bit of ingenuity from the right professional architect, Scottsdale custom wine cellars can be designed and built just about anywhere. You’d be amazed at all the possibilities for creating the perfect wine storage spot.

Basements are Not Just for Laundry

Basements are not just for laundry and heirloom storage anymore. A home basement is a logical and very popular locale for wine cellars. They are a natural substitute for the damp and dark caves that housed and aged fine wines for centuries past. Wine has its best opportunity to age to perfection when stored in darkness. With state-of-the art refrigeration and humidification systems in place, the basement becomes the finest locale for wine cellaring.

Create a Truly Unique Wine Storage Space

When finding extra space is an issue, some hidden real estate can always be found in homes with multiple floors. Clients are always surprised that custom wine cellars or wine closets can be created in the areas tucked under staircases. With the availability of wine racks in so many shapes and sizes, a truly unique wine storage area can easily be created.

Transform Your Garage into a Fashion Wine Cellar

Another innovative space that clients turn to when there’s no spare room, closet or lower level available, is the garage. It doesn’t have to be the whole garage, but depending on how much space can be freed up, the garage can be transformed to fashion a wine cellar complete with tables and seating for wine tasting gatherings.

The Tradition of Wining and Dining

In keeping with the tradition of wining and dining, one of the trendiest places to both store wine and show it off is the family dining room. Keeping your wine close at hand during dinners or parties is the practical solution to always having to excuse yourself for retrieval of a new bottle. Built-in wine racks or glass enclosed wine cabinets, available in so many wood finishes, make a lovely display and stylish embellishment to any home.