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Posted on Sep 24, 2015

Selecting Cooling Units For Your Wine Cellar

When planning out your wine cellar, one of the most important considerations is a cooling unit. There are three common types of unit, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Determining which wine cellar cooling units will work best for your wine cellar will help ensure years of enjoyment and perfectly chilled wine!

Ducted Cooling System

In a ducted cooling system, the cooling unit is not located in the wine cellar. Instead, cold air is pumped in through ductwork. This means there is no noise from the cooling unit, and no space is lost in the cellar. The only visible portions of this type of system are the vent covers, which may be easily incorporated into any architectural design for minimal distraction. While these tend to be the preferred system for most due to the extra space they provide, ducted systems can develop leaks if not installed or maintained properly.

Through-the-Wall Cooling Systems

There are several advantages to purchasing a through-the-wall system. These units arrive fully charged and are easy to install. They are also highly cost-effective for those on a budget. However, there are also many disadvantages to this type of system.

This cooling unit must be fitted into a hole in the wall and creates noise both inside and outside of the wine cellar. In addition, this system will take up space within your wine cellar, reducing the wine storage space you'll have in your cellar.

Split Cooling Systems

With a split system, a compressor may be installed remotely, reducing the amount of noise. Other components are placed within your wine cellar, connected to the compressor by two refrigerant lines which must be professionally installed. It may also be necessary to have power and drain lines added.

Choosing Your Cooling System

Picking out which wine cellar cooling units are best suited to your cellar depends on several factors:

  • The size of your wine cellar. This will determine whether a through-the-wall system is viable.
  • Is the cellar public or private space? If it is public, then choosing a less noisy system is preferable, whereas a private cellar may sacrifice quiet for affordability.
  • Installation logistics. The amount of work needed for installation may affect the cost for any given system.

The people at Wine Cellar Experts know how difficult it can be to decide upon a particular system. Contact them today to discuss your wine cellar's options.