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Posted on Oct 19, 2015

Tips For Organizing Your Wine Cellar

Whether you have a full, custom built wine cellar or only a few wine racks, organizing your wine collection saves you time and inconvenience. Those in the beginning stages of wine collecting have time to collaborate with a custom wine cellar designer and build wine cellar racks in conjunction with organizing your wine cellar decor.

Plan Ahead

Thoroughly explore your wine collection, taking inventory of the bottles you intend to store. Create a detailed list of your inventory and classify it based on simple characteristics such as color, region and food pairing. Having a complete understanding of your wine collection, currently and in the future, helps allocate space appropriately for each category. If you favor merlots, plan ahead to have more space available for that varietal. If you plan to organize your wine collection by region and will soon be visiting Italy, plan ahead and have an area prepared to receive your exciting new wine selections.

Wine Cellar Racks

While there are an array of basic wine cellar racks that fit different quantities of standard size bottles, a more unique option is to have custom wine cellar racks built. Although many wine bottles are a standard size, there are larger bottles, like magnums, and smaller ones for sake. Custom built wine cellar racks and planning ahead guarantees your wine collection will be well organized, practical and beautifully displayed. With an assortment of design approaches, it is sometimes best to consult a professional who can provide expert advice on wine cellar racks.

Wine Bottle Tags

Wine bottle tags hang from the neck of your wine bottles and contain information about the brand, region and varietal. Using wine bottle tags is one of the simplest ways to organize your wine cellar. Choose those that don’t easily tear or slip off the bottle. Reusable wine bottle tags can be relabeled as you empty one bottle and need to label another. Color coded wine bottle tags are available making it easy for you to enter your wine cellar and go directly to the type of wine you are looking for.

Not all ways of categorizing wine will work for every wine collector; some may want to organize based on region while others might want to organize according to color. Whatever the approach, organizing your wine cellar must be practical and functional for you.