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Posted on Aug 6, 2015

What is the Best way to Rack Wine?

wine cellar racks

Whenever you’re storing wine for any length of time, you'll have to ensure that it is in a safe place. There is no smarter or safer way of storing wine than racking it using wine cellar racks.

Horizontal Racking for Long Term Storage

You probably have heard that wine should be stored horizontally, on its side. But wine bottles are probably stored upright in the wine shops for a good reason, right? Wrong. Horizontal wine racks are the best method for storing wine. Racking wine in the vertical position, especially for long periods of time, is a big mistake and can actually destroy your wine.

The reason horizontal wine storage is optimal lies in wine's relationship with oxygen. When oxygen comes in contact with wine, it causes a chemical reaction that can change the flavor of the wine. Wine cannot age without oxygen. However, over exposure to oxygen can also ruin your wine.

When you rack a bottle of wine on its side, horizontally, the wine keeps the cork moist. The wet cork maintains its size and can even expand if needed. The moist cork helps maintain a tight seal of the bottle against outside air, limiting the air that leaches into the bottle through the pores in the cork. This allows your wine to age slowly, without turning into vinegar.

Vertical Racking for Everyday Wines

If the wine you purchased is for a special dining occasion and you only need short term storage, vertical racking of bottles is preferred. The same case applies for wines that will be consumed while young. Vertical racking also makes it easy to view labels.

Storing your wine the right way is vital to ensuring it matures properly. The best way to ensure optimal conditions for your wine, including the right temperature, humidity and light conditions is by storing your wine in a Wine Cellar. Wine Cellar Experts offers a variety of functional and beautiful wine cellars, to store your treasured bottles safely.