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Posted on Jul 23, 2015

What is a Wine Vault?

wine vaultAs your interest in wine develops over time you will naturally find yourself accumulating several special bottles. Even if you consider yourself a "wine drinker" rather than a "wine collector" those bottles will start to pile up. Wine is meant for drinking, of course, but not all wine is made to be enjoyed as soon as it's released. Secure, climate controlled wine storage is a must for anything more than a handful of bottles.

Benefits of a Wine Vault

  • Safely store wine under optimal conditions
  • Age wine to desired maturity
  • Display your collection in an artful and creative manner
  • Enhance your wine experience for yourself and your guests

Wine Storage from Simple to Grand

A wine vault can be as simple as a spare closet or corner of the garage fitted out with shelving for bottles, or as grand as an air conditioned room with individual alcoves. It can be bare bones - simply for proper storage - or as deluxe as those found in restaurants and wineries. Your wine vault can be designed simply for easy access or as an addition to the enjoyment of the rich culture and tradition that wine has to offer.

Cover the Basics and Be Creative

The basics of wine storage:

  • Bottles need to lie flat to keep the cork moist
  • Constant temperature of around 55 degrees must be maintained
  • Vibrations need to be kept to a minimum
  • Direct sunlight must be avoided
  • Slight humidity must be maintained to keep corks from drying out

Ways to get creative:

  • Make sure to include racks for large bottles as well as cases
  • Design shelving with presentation in mind (you'll want to have several special bottles front and center while others are stored more inconspicuously)
  • If you have the room - include a small tasting area with a few of your favorite wine books
  • Displaying artwork of particular wine areas or souvenirs from your winery visits adds a personal touch

A well conceived wine vault can not only ensure your drinking pleasure and protect your valued wine collection, it can greatly enhance the wine experience on many levels for you and your guests.