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Posted on Dec 17, 2014

What Type of Wine Storage Cabinet Do You Need?

wine storage cabinet

There are many things to take into consideration before deciding on the type of wine storage cabinet that is best suited to complete your custom wine cellar. First, take stock of your wine collection and decide how many bottles of wine you currently want to keep stored. As you check over your inventory, take note of the various bottle sizes that the cabinet will need to accommodate. You also need to consider how easily accessible you need the stored wine bottles to be in the wine cellar of the appointed home, restaurant, bar or other venue. Last but surely not least, be sure to think about your budget.

Options for All Budgets

If the wine-housing budget is on the lower end, there is the option for a wine refrigerator. They come in different sizes, varying in storage capacities from 6 bottles to several hundred. It’s important to note that a wine refrigerator is not the same thing as a wine storage cabinet. Wine refrigeration units are simply used to keep wine cool, but they don't have the capacity to regulate humidity, light or vibration levels like cabinets do. Without these climate control features, unlike the conditions inside a higher-end cabinet, the environment inside a basic wine refrigerator would not be suitable for the long-term aging of any of the wines inside.

Easily Regulate Temperature and Humidity

In addition to maintaining the proper temperature and humidity, for wine to perform at its best, it’s important for your wine storage unit to provide ventilation. Wine lives and breathes through its cork, so wine’s taste and performance would be altered without proper aeration. If you choose to keep your wine in a cabinet for the purpose of long-term aging, be sure the one you buy has the capability of providing fresh air or, as in more advanced models, purified air via filtration.