Selecting & Investing in the right cooling unit.

Through-the-wall cooling systems are the most cost-effective and easiest to install. They are shipped fully-charged and ready to use in a self-enclosed case.

The downside of through-the-wall cooling units is that they take up space inside the cellar, and noise from the cooling unit can be heard inside and outside the wine cellar. They also require a hole in the wall to fit the cooling unit and sufficient space on both sides of the wall for proper ventilation.

Split cooling systems are built so that some of the components are located outside the wine cellar and some inside the cellar. The 2 sets of components are connected by 2 refrigerant lines that Wine Cellar Expert staff & qualified professionals will charge and braise on-site. Our certified installers may also need to set up power and drain lines.

The main advantage of split systems is that you can place the condensing unit in a remote location, which mitigates noise from the compressor.

Ducted cooling systems, in which the entire cooling unit is located remotely and cold air is ducted into the wine cellar. These are generally the most aesthetically desired wine cooling systems which seamlessly fit to almost any preferred architectural or design environment.

Their main advantages are that the wine cellars won't be subject to noise from the cooling unit. In addition, space in the wine cellar can be maximized for wine storage, because the cooling unit doesn't take any space inside the cellar.